Специална покана за официалното откриване на 23 Конгрес на EADV в Амстердам

eadvspaceСкъпи делегати,

EADV Ви отправя специална покана да посетите официалното откриване на конгреса на 8-ми октомври в Амстердам.
Този път церемонията по откриването ще бъде много различна. В програмата ще има две специални изненади:

Андре Кейперст – холандски лекар и астронавт:
Не изпускайте уникалната възможност да чуете лекцията на д-р Кейперст за престоя му в космоса и гледката към земята! Той е първият холандец с две мисии в космоса, като общо е прекарал 204 дни в космическото пространство. По време на своите 6 месеца извън нашата планета, той е не само лекар, учен и инженер, но също и посланик, и защитник на редица каузи.

Building Bridges:
Следвайки темата “building bridges” ние представяме няколко участници от Амстердам. Те ще организират посещения на музеи, мостове, канали… Така може да станете част от холандската култура и културно наследство. Сред забележителностите ще откриете музея на Ван Гог, мулажите, бирата Хайнекен, разходките с лодка по каналите, пътешествията с велосипеди, специалните сирена като рейпенаер, семейната компания за диаманти „Гасан”, играчките „Лего” и много други изненади.

Кога и къде?

Програмата започва в 18ч в аудиторията на Amsterdam RAI.

Очакваме Ви!

Bibi van Montfrans & Martino Neumann – EADV представители за Холандия

eadvspaceDear delegates,

EADV would like to specialy invite you to visit he opening event on the 8th of October in the Amsterdam RAI.

Without giving away to much we can tell you that his year the opening will be different in its own kind, and the evening is filed with a special plenary speaker, show and great opportunites to meet your fellow delegates in an informal way.

Two highlights of the program can be found below:

André Kuipers (MD and Astronaut):
Do not miss this unique oportunity to listen to André Kuipers (MD and Astronaut) recount his experiences of spaceflight and the exceptional views of our planet! André Kuipers is the first Dutchman with two space missions to his name. His second mission is the longest spaceflight in European history in which he spent a total of 204 days in space: 1 days during mision DELTA in 204 and 193 days during mission PromISe. During his six months on board the International Space Station, he was not only a medical doctor, scientist and flight enginer, but also handyman and ambasador for several charites. André Kuipers wil ofer a unique, behind the scenes look at international human spaceflight and share his story about the training, the mission and his exceptional view of our planet.

Building Bridges: Cocktail & Networking Oportunity:
During the opening night EADV also welcomes you for drinks and some very special networking oportunites. Folowing the theme “building bridges” we introduce several partners from Amsterdam. These partners are all lined up to Build Bridges with you and your fellow delegates, tonight and during the rest of your stay in Amsterdam. They will provide networking activites through tastings, special interests, guides on museums, bridges, canals and bikes. It will give you a sneak peek into Dutch culture and heritage and in particular that of the greater area of Amsterdam. This will give you an opportunity to meet your coleagues in an informal way, and se and talk about what you have in common on a personal, as well as profesional level. So, please come and meet us and your pers. Among the partners you will find the Heineken Experience, “Moulages”, Van Gogh Museum, Blue Boat Canal Tours, Yelow Bike, Reypenaer Chese, Gasan Diamonds, Bodyworlds, Building the Brick LEGO and others, who are loking forward to meeting you.

Where and when?

Тhe Programme starts at 6 p.m. sharp, at he Auditorium in the Amsterdam RAI.
We would love as many delegates as possible to attend this opening so we can start this congress with a blast and already start of get to know each other.

Looking forward to seing you!

Bibi van Montfrans & Martino Neuman – EADV contact persons in the Netherlands